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Shipping and Returs

Time that I need to take care of your order

Your orders are prepared each Monday, they are shipped the next day unless that I have a big amount of orders, in that case they are shipped on the day after. I do this because the post office workers aren't happy when I arrive with a big batch of orders!

The reason why the orders leave only once a week, is that preparing and packing the orders usually takes me 1 day, having 15 orders or having 50 orders it will take me more or less the same time, so I decided to pack your orders only once a week in order to become more productive and focus on my main job which is create art! 

Nevertheless I make exceptions if you need an order faster, just drop me a message after you check out!

Usually to Luxembourg orders arrive in the next few days, to Europe usually it's during the same week, it can take up to 2 weeks depending on the season.

Orders for the rest of the world are quite Radom, I had packages arriving to the US in two weeks, and others packages arriving to Japan or Australia after 2 months! 

So please take this in consideration when you will be placing your order.

I won't be held responsible by any lost/damaged packages or any customs fees.

Returns and refunds

You can contact me after you placed an order to exchange an item if I still have not shipped it yet. I will only accept the exchange for a product of the same value and if it's available.

If you wish to exchange an item after you received it, it is possible on the condition that the item is still in his package origine(not opened yet) and I will refund you IN CREDIT for you to use on my shop. (Any shipping costs are at your charge).

If an article has a default because of me (some defaults on the pins that I might have missed, or printing errors) If you wish, in this case, I will refund you if you don't want for me to resend the article.

I can refund you if a package arrives very damaged or if the article arrives broken. 

If in the following service says that your package was delivered and you haven't received it I cannot be held responsible for any post office errors or stolen items.

Shipping costs aren't refunded on any situation once the item was shipped.

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