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 Sandra Martins has been an author and illustrator since 2017 and lives in the North of Luxembourg with her husband and daughter, her greatest source of inspiration.

After finishing her studies in animation, she decided to devote herself instead to creating stories and illustrating under the pseudonym Four Seasons Fox.

In her world we find everything cute, animals, children and nature.

For Sandra, each story has the ability to convey a beautiful message, and by becoming an illustrator for children's books, she can help convey it to the most open-minded audience, our children.

You can find his latest book: “Sasha and Flint, a magical melody” from Schortgen editions in Luxembourg bookstores, in French, Luxembourgish and English.


If you want to get in touch with Sandra just use the email button bellow.


Illustration Clients Include:

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60 Illustrators of Luxembourg

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