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I've been doing illustrations for a living since 2017 and finally decided to share my knowledge and tips with you. My classes are suitable for beginners and they all have a class project at the end so you can practice what you learned.
Skillshare is a learning platform that works with a subscription, if you enroll any class or create an account trough my links, you will be able to try this platform and any class during a month for free. And I earn a little bit of money too.
Of course, you can subscribe anytime and if you unsubscribe before your trial is over you won't be charged for anything!


Illustration_sans_titre 21 copie 4.png
Illustration_sans_titre 21 copie 4.png

Online Course on Skillshare

In this class we will create a very simple illustration using the app Procreate.

Heres's what we will learn:

How o use the side bar as reference with the Ipad.

How to create a very limited color palette and adjust it to fit to your illustration.

How to do shadows and highlights using the blending mode of the layers.

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Illustration_sans_titre 21 copie 4.png

Online Course on Skillshare

I will share with you the process that I use to realize a watercolor painting. 

I will give you some tips that make watercolor painting easier to me! 

I will introduce myself.

I will talk about the materials that I use, my favorites and give you some tips.

I'll be sketching the drawing before painting on it. I will explain why I choose to draw with that supplie!

I will explain to you why the 1st layer of a painting is so important.

And to end there's a time lapse of me painting this fox.

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