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The Ultimate Four Seasons Fox Gift guide!

Hi there!

Maybe you are in need for some help with ideas to offer this Christmas!

Well, I am here to help you!

I created a gift guide based on what you or the person you want to gift love!

Plus, by shopping on my store you are helping me living from my art, and you are shopping unique items that where designed with love here in my little studio in Luxembourg!

If you already know me, you already know that I try to be the most environement friendly as possible. My items are packed whiteout plastic (unless I don't have the choice) and I like to work with manufacturers from my country or at least from Europe!

But, you are here for the guide right!?


If you have a small budget, here's a selection of items bellow 10 €!

All my stickers, prints and pins are less than 10€ which makes them perfect gifts to complement a bigger gift (I am thinking that enamel/wooden pins complement perfectly gifts like pullovers or bags!).

Shop my pins here

Shop my stickers here

Shop my art prints here