Personal Work

Hello, here's some of my latest illustrations.

I am mainly using my iPad pro with the app Procreate for digital work.

As for watercolor I am using:

Paper: either arches paper (cold pressed 300g) or canson aquarelle 300g.

Watercolors: my palette is a mix of schmincke, sennelier, Daniel smith and arteza.

Brushes: for big surfaces I like to use Black velvet (size: 4/6/8) and for details I use Da Vinci brushes and arteza detail brushes.

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Shipping Updates:

From may 11th Four seasons fox will Start to ship the orders once a week. Please understand that du to the COVID19, orders are arriving with huges delays, please take this in consideration when you will be making an order.

Europe Free shipping on orders above 70€ and for the rest of the world on orders above 90€.


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